La Lombarda Restaurant in Aberdeen

Italian Restaurant in Aberdeen


1. Parini Pinot Grigio 19.50 4.95 6.25
delle Venezie

Distinctive nose of wild flowers, with touches of honey and banana: soft, fresh and lively with notes of ripe pear.

2. Solstice Sauvignon Blanc 21.95 5.45 6.75
delle Venezie

Elegant and fragrant, restrained Sauvignon with easy fruit style of fresh lime and gooseberries.

3. Frascati Superiore, 24.95
Fontana Candida, Lazio

Citrus, thyme and blackcurrant leaf with mouthwatering citrus fruit on the palate.

4. Langhe Chardonnay, 25.95
Domini Villa Lanata, Langhe

Low yielding vines 30 years old, ensure the intensity of ripe pineapple flavours with a fresh lemon zest.

5. Gavi di Gavi, Enrico Serafino 34.95

Delicate floral citrus aromas, dry with a mineral note on the palate. A classic wine from Northern Italy that works well with white meats and cream based


6. Parini Pinot Grigio Rose 19.50 4.95 6.25
delle Venezie

Soft, coppery-pink rose: delicate and fruity bouquet: soft and fresh on the palate.

7. Vita Zinfandel Rosé 21.95 5.45 6.75

Deliciously fruity medium-dry Zinfandel from the deep south of Italy where the sun almost always shines.


8. Corte Vigna Merlot 19.50 4.95 6.25

Carefully selected grapes from Friuli, Veneto and Trento. Upfront briary fruit flavours
and soft vanilla tones.

9. Montepulciano, 21.95 5.45 6.75
Collezione Marchesini, Abruzzo

Grown on the eastern Adriatic coastline giving an intensity of colour and heady bouquet of
violets and oranges.

10. Bolla Pinot Noir 25.95
Provincia di Pavia

Ruby-red with aromas of wild berry, bramble fruit, dried spring flowers and a touch of liquorice.

11. Valpolicella Classico, Bolla 27.50

A tremendous trio of traditional grapes all showing ripe round berry fruits and a liquorice hint.

12. Chianti Riserva, Trambusti 29.50

Specially selected grapes, aged for longer to achieve a smoother more integrated classic Chianti. Warm red fruits with light spice and vanilla undertones.

13. Barolo, Il Bastione 50.00

A lighter style of Barolo, with rich fruit and a lingering liquorice finish. Made from the Nebbiolo grape and matured in oak, this wine has style and complexity.



15. Da Luca Prosecco 24.50

16. Da Luca Prosecco 20cl 7.50

Pear and peach fruit on a lively, yet soft and generous palate.

17. Da Luca Rosato Spumante 25.90

Fresh and vibrant raspberry and strawberry scented fizz made from a blend of Merlot and Raboso.